Confused? Let me break it down for you. Up until three days ago, there really was a Lottie Hederman…

I don’t know if I can quote the two pages of pure exposition, so let me sum up.

Lie #7. Lottie Hederman was an ex-Nazi who discovered that the internet was a place for angry racists to congregate.

Lie #8. She invented the persona “Ebon Flame” because on the internet anybody can be a hot chick.

Lie #9. Lottie even created a sockpuppet for her made-up son. Through her skill in sockpuppetry Lottie was able to become internet queen of the Freedomslight hategroup, MsScribe style.

Lie #10. When Freedomslight was about to strike, Natasha was dispatched to stop them. Through superdetective skills, she realized no one had ever seen Ebon Flame, and decided to impersonate her to draw out the real terrorist leader.

Lie #11. Natasha wages her own IRL sockpuppet campaign, alternating between her Black Widow and Ebon Flame identities. Eventually, she stages Ebon Flame’s “defection,” thus deflating a lot of Freedomslight’s ideological oomph. When Lottie, the real Ebon Flame, sees what Natasha has done to undermine her, she dies of shock.

Lie #12 Natasha then poses as Lottie to troll Agent Tenko into doing something stupid and revealing his true nefarious intentions.

Natasha Romanov: 1, Internet: 0.

Journey into Mystery #519, by Scott Lobdell and Randy Green.