Lie #3: the American dream. (Also every government ever.)

Meet Ebon Flame, the leader of Freedomslight, a group of so-called “Urban Terrorists” who plot against the kyriarchy. Their plan is to end tyranny of the elected minority by stealing some SHIELD mind-wiping macguffin. Lottie, bless her sweet lil’ heart, is dragged into Ebon’s web of militant idealism, and begins to see that Natasha just might be more brutal than the people she’s fighting against. Here’s another conversation between Ebon and Natasha.

Ebon: Why do you fight on their side? Them. The American government! You were born in Russia! I would think…
Natasha: No, you don’t think. Or you would know it is not a government I seek to defend. Rather, the people that live here. People who should be free from living in the shadow of so-called revolutionaries such as yourself!
Ebon: Those are the very people we’re trying to help— to liberate!
Natasha: I don’t see it that way.
Ebon: Don’t you understand?! All we’re asking for is the right to be heard! We fight because we have to fight! But believe me when I say— we don’t want to hurt anyone.

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