Hercules: The others say they have lost heart. Not I, of course.
Angel: This team just doesn’t make sense.
Johnny: Why should such disparate people stay together?
Natasha: Because we’re not “disparate” at all. For this town, we’re typical. Half-god, half-demo, half-human, half-westerner— out west to seek our fortune!

The primary appeal of the Champions was that they didn’t make much sense but tried to be heroes anyway. They weren’t A-list or awe-inspiring, but their hodgepodge nature lent them an anti-establishment, underdog appeal, and that’s why I think the fascination with the team in flashback has long outlived the original not-always good 17 issue run.

The Champions were also the first Marvel team to have a female leader, c. 1975. In the eighties, the X-men and Avengers would follow suit.

From Black Widow: Deadly Origin #3, by Paul Cornell and John Paul Leon.

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