Consortium Agreement Traduccion

Unlike the grant agreement, the consortium agreement is a document that contains the entire framework for the work developed in the project and its implementation. It allows the parties, as members of the consortium, to agree on all specific details that are not covered by the grant agreement, such as work organization, intellectual property management, liability and future use and dissemination of results. It should complement the grant agreement, but should never violate the Horizon 2020 Participation Agreement or Plan 1290/2013. The consortium agreement aims to resolve all problems that could hinder good cooperation between the various parties involved in the project. It is a private document among the beneficiaries of the project and does not involve the European Commission. Some aspects that are generally addressed in the consortium agreement: . If you have any questions during the development of the consortium agreement, contact us, we offer our technical team for the drafting of this official document. Results: 56. You guessed it: 56.

Response time: 133 ms. Frequent short phrases: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, Plus Once you receive the European Commission to fund your project under Horizon 2020, he or the beneficiaries must sign a grant agreement. By committing to carry out the project while achieving the objectives set, the work itself formally begins and the beneficiaries of the Commission are “obliged”. The best way to start writing the consortium agreement is based on the models and models provided by the European Commission, they can be models like DESCA or LERU (a little more simplified), which are among the most used formats for writing the consortium agreement, these general details that need to be written.