Copy Of Tenancy Agreement In Ghana

Any property you rent in Ghana requires a lease. If you own a property that you want to rent to a client, you must write a rental/rental document. In this article, we give you some information on what should be included for different types of real estate when writing a rental contract in Ghana. Many Ghanaians have many questions about the lease in Ghana. Here is a detailed explanation of the leases, what the rental control offers in Ghana and the content of a rental agreement. At the request of a party to a proceeding before a rent and housing committee for which the committee`s decision or order was made, the committee may send a copy of the decision or order to the district court, as soon as it is an enforcement request, and the court takes action and stops the procedures necessary to enforce that decision or order, as if it were a decision or order. In addition, the agreement should indicate to whom the money should be paid and to whom the means of payment will be paid. A course is set, during which the tenant knows who to pay until when. It avoids cases where different people come to claim the rent. There should also be a provision for late payment, i.e. a penalty and when evacuation for non-payment of rent should or can be managed in a timely manner. These obligations must be clear so that both parties understand their responsibilities and do the same to avoid confrontation or any form of misunderstanding. Ideally, it is the normal country-owner ratio and ensures a smooth interaction within the framework of the lease.

The agreement should include the parties, the conditions of the tenancy, the real estate and the amount of the rent. The landlord is often designated as the landlord and the tenant as the tenant. Writing a rental contract in Ghana is a necessity for any landlord willing to rent a property. Create your own lease that maintains the property you rent and favours both parties. In this way, you have a peaceful, healthy and profitable relationship with your tenant. The deposit is refunded in full if the tenant has not manipulated the owner`s property. This [DATE] date of this agreement is mandatory for two years. (If there are electricity bills that are shared, indicate the report and how the payment should be made. For example, electricity bills, water and electricity.) [LANDLORD] and [TENANT] are collectively referred to as “parties” in this rental agreement. Both parties had the opportunity to conduct a full review of this document prior to the signing of this document and, if necessary, to consult with counsel. The best understanding is that this document accurately and fully describes the expectations and agreements between the parties regarding [PROPERTY] for the duration of this rental agreement. The above guidelines may apply to leases for a number of types of real estate, including office complexes to single one- and two-bedroom apartments.

Based on the type of property you rent and the means with which you want to get the payment, you can skip some topics that don`t apply. Below is an example of a rental agreement. If you have problems with your landlord and need help, the best option is to talk to Rent Control Ghana.