Difference Between Contract And Cooperative Agreement Usaid

· How can we manage our existing policies and practices when a treaty imposes additional restrictions? (1 MB) Infographic: What is a cooperation agreement? “This workshop opened my eyes. Improved my understanding of contracts as opposed to cooperation agreements. This course is an introduction to the compliance landscape of USAID contracts with a comparison with that of cooperation contracts. Trainers are experienced practitioners who will review the full range of administrative requirements for contracts, eligible/unauthorized costs, and the essential requirements of the system (accounting, human resources, travel, procurement and underfunding). The course is a mix of lectures, small group work, problem solving and time to answer questions. Participants in this usaid Contracts course have a theoretical basis for compliance with USAID contracts and should be aware of USAID`s rules and rules on grants and cooperation agreements. In particular, they should know 22CFR26 and 22CFR28. This knowledge can be gained through participation in our USAID Rules – Regulations: Grants – Cooperative Agreements and/or by the time it takes to implement USAID cooperation agreements. This knowledge will be of great use for the study of USAID contracts. Financial and administrative staff: financial officers, officials, accounting and compliance managers, who are permanently responsible for managing USAID contracts, grants and cooperation contracts. Identify the audit and compliance challenges companies face in implementing contracts.

“Now I`m in a place where I can manage a USAID contract better than I could before that training.” The element of essential participation that is authorized for any cooperation agreement is described in the act of attribution. AO can delegate responsibility for essential participation elements to AOR. Program content/learning objectivesThe purpose of the workshop is to provide comprehensive and detailed monitoring of compliance with USAID contracts, comparing/contrasting with that of cooperation agreements. The course is a mix of presentation, small group work, problem-solving and time for questions and answers. Topics include: What are the most important differences between contracts and cooperation agreements? Understand the administrative challenges of switching from co-operation contracts to contracts that program staff should visit: program staff in the field who need to know USAID`s requirements, especially if their organization is newly contracted or considering outsourcing.