Hayabusa Gentlemen`s Agreement

However, we will include some exclusive special units, otherwise the list would be a pretty boring affair. Fortunately, the era of the manufacturer`s gentlemen`s agreement is almost over, which has allowed, in recent years, to bring to the surface some remarkable bikes. If you`re not familiar with the gentlemen`s agreement, it was essentially an agreement among motorcycle manufacturers that limits maximum motorcycle speeds to 300 km/h, after Suzuki unleashed the Hayabusa around the world, which was so fast that many manufacturers feared a game of retaliation against safety by the regional safety commissions. It follows what is known as a “gentleman`s agreement” between motorcycle manufacturers, as measures to improve road safety have led some European countries to call for a ban on high-speed imported motorcycles. Most manufacturers have informally agreed to limit their bikes to 300 km/h, with the Hayabusa being the last to be built before the agreement came into force. The manufacturers did not want it, especially the Japanese, so an unofficial “gentlemen` agreement” between the major motorcycle manufacturers was agreed to limit the maximum speed of their bicycles in order to avoid import bans. There is no official figure and there is a lot of mystery around the gentlemen`s agreement, but Honda announced at the time that there would be no bikes that exceed 300 km/h, so that`s pretty much where we think the number is. Suzuki and Kawasaki played their cards near the chest and did not speak officially about the maximum speed limit. As we wrote at the beginning, the regulators decided to intervene in the meantime, which led to the gentlemen`s agreement. The Hayabusa remained the fastest motorcycle ever propelled in series. In 2014, Kawasaki announced: that the upcoming H2R ninja will have a non-road version of 296 hp (221 kW) that will have no speed limiter and will reach 340 km/h in the test, but Kawasaki did not indicate whether they planned to limit the version of the road, which has about 200 hp (150 kW), to meet the gentlemen`s Agreement. [17] Cycle World reported that “the same BMW that initiated the `agreement` broke it with the BMW S1000Rr at 188 miles per hour (303 km/h) whose maximum speed was reported in July 2010. [2] No one knows if this is a true written agreement, but what they did was about a 1000 km motorcycle from the year 2000.