Penn State Software Agreement Cover Sheet

optStoic_v2 (2019): Design total stoichiometric conversions and metabolic reactions between the two (Python version). (Last updated, 2019-01-01) Nonstationary-MFA (2018): Non-stationary analysis of 13C metabolic flow on the genome scale. (Last updated, 2018-09-24) SteadyState-MFA (2015): Steady State 13C analysis of metabolic flow on the genome scale. (Last updated, 2018-09-24) BiomassEMW (2017): standardizing biomass responses and ensuring a complete mass balance in genome-wide metabolic models. (Last updated, 2017-08-96) SteadyCom (2017): Predicting microbial abundance while ensuring community stability. (Last updated, 2017-07-26) optStoic (2015): Design all stoichiometric transformations and intermediate metabolic reactions. (Last updated, 2015-12-30) Precursor Identifier (2015): Identify biomass precursors that are not manufactured during the extinction of deadly (synthetic) genes. (Last updated, 2016-05-26) CLCA (2014): Maximum Common Substructure Queries in the MetRxn database. (Last updated, 2016-05-22) OptCom (2012): A comprehensive modelling framework for analyzing the flow balance of microbial communities. (Last updated, 2012-10-08) OptForce (2010): Identify minimal genetic interventions that shape the metabolism of a microorganism.

(Last updated, 15.11.2011) SL Finder (2009): Identify lethal synthetic genes or reactions in genome-based metabolic models. EMU Generator (2015): Single Elementary Metabolising Generator Code for Isotopic Mapping Models. (Last updated 2014-12-01) GrowMatch (2009): Coordinating Silico`s forecasts with in vivo growth observations. (Last updated: 14.07.2011) GapFind/GapFill (2007): Identify and fill network gaps for genome-based metabolic models. (Last updated 2011-09-23) FCF (2004): Flux Coupling Analysis OptKnock (2003): Lengthening redesign for overproduction with gene/reaction solutions. (Last updated 2011-11-01) All questions are addressed to customer service staff for software purchases. The Software Agreement Cover Sheet form is filled out in full by the initiative service. All offers, terms and conditions, licensing agreements, supplier security and confidentiality policy, annexes and exhibits must be attached to the completed form. If possible, please receive a Word document of the agreement directly from the borrower. The purchase requires a clean, unmarked, unsigned copy of the contract. If you submit proposals for amendments, please do so in a separate copy of the agreement. Protein-InDelMaker (part of the IPRO package): an interactive python package for the production of structural models of indel protein varieties.

Rotamer Library (entry files for IPRO): a discrete set of statistically preferred lateral chain configurations. PoreDesigner (2018): an innovation tool with the IPRO suite of programs that is able to form a beta-cas protein shrinking region (and also alpha-helical) to any desired pore size and make it hydrophobic (Last update, 2018-07-03) HUMANIZER (2018): in Silico Affinity refining de novo-designed murines or antibodies that not only improves the binding affinity of the specific antigen epitope, but also makes them more humanized (Last update, 2018-06-18) OptMAVEn_2.0 (2018): Automated tool for the construction of de-design regions of humanized monoclonal variables aimed at an epitope d specific antigen (Last updated, 2018-06-18) Orders with this Google AOM_Bottleneck_Inputs form (2018): Entry file for AOM_Bottleneck (Last updated , 2018-06-16) IPRO Suite of Programs: (2014): Integrated environment for various protein engineering tasks (last updated, 2014-10-12) MAPs (2013): A database of modular antibody parts for predicting and designing antibody variable domains (Latest update, 2013-05-29) OptZyme (2013): The redesign of the enzyme using transient analogues.