Tea Vendor Agreement

13.2. No liability for your debts and obligations. We are not responsible for your debts or liabilities unless we are responsible for these debts or obligations through an agreement separate from this Agreement. 12.1. Voluntary transfers, in general. The deductible is for you (or your owners) and for the franchise, this contract (except in Section 12.6 with respect to the sale to a controlled company or partnership), the Store or its assets, the day-to-day management responsibilities for the operation of the Store in accordance with an administrative agreement or by other means, nor any part or all of your ownership shares may be voluntary. , be transferred over-the-counter, directly or indirectly by you or your owners (including, but not limited to the event of your death or that of your landlord, by will, declaration or transfer of trust or legal estate) (including, but not limited to one of your owners). , this agreement, the store or its assets, or some or all of you are the ownership shares. 5.9. Maintain the email account and phone number.

You must provide and manage an email account sufficient to communicate between you and us. In addition, you must provide and manage a telephone number exclusively used for store activity and list the store and corresponding telephone numbers in telephone and other directories, including the alphabetical section (white pages) and the “Yellow Pages” section, as we manage from time to time. At our request, you must sign a transfer of the phone number agreement in our favor. The agreement (c) do not make unauthorized copies of some of the confidential information disclosed in writing; and (d) all appropriate procedures that we prescribe from time to time to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure of confidential information, including, but not exclusively, restrictions on disclosure to your employees and the use of non-compete and confidentiality clauses in employment contracts with employees with access to confidential information. FOR AND CONSIDERING the recitals and agreements and commitments listed below, as well as other valuable considerations whose receipt and sufficiency are recognized, you and we agree as follows: (e) performance of our current form of franchise agreement which, as you acknowledge, may contain conditions, conditions, standards and restrictions substantially different from those contained in this agreement. , including, but not limited to, the provisions on differences in royalties and other royalties); Provided, however, that you do not have to pay new upfront deductible fees 12.4. Transfer fee. We do not charge the purchaser a first deductible for the franchise, but to the transferor a replacement amount equivalent to 50% of the original franchise fee in progress at the time, charged to a new franchisee who is entering into a first franchise agreement with us.

We accept payment of such a redemption sum by the purchaser, provided that the payment is accompanied by a copy of the transfer and acquisition contract or the equivalent between the purchaser and the purchaser, indicating in part that the purchaser must pay this transfer tax on behalf of the assignor.