Tnc Workload Agreement

Teachers in Northern Ireland will receive a pay bonus as a result of an agreement to resolve teachers` pay and workload, which has put an end to union action in all schools. Each union has committed to consult with its own union to seek approval of the agreement before an agreement can be formally ratified. By the time the agreement is formally ratified by both parties, all trade union actions will cease and there will be a carefully managed and sustained transition to revised working practices in schools, with an agreed implementation plan. The terms of the agreement, which apply from today, are included in circular TNC 2020/1 and can be The agreement is an important step in the labour relations between unions and recognized employers in the field of education. It clarifies the conditions of employment of teachers. Side Management and NITC now have a framework that allows them to work together to address issues and ensure beneficial change. This is a detailed process that will begin as soon as possible. In addition to measures to address teachers` workload and accountability concerns and implement them as part of a carefully managed and sustained transition period, both management and NITC believe that the terms of the agreement, and in particular the nine areas of review, are likely to positively transform the education sector and improve educational outcomes for our children and youth. In addition, a number of nine key areas have been identified for review as part of the agreement and a special working group will be set up to advance audit work. At a meeting of the Teachers` Bargaining Committee (TNC) this morning, the Directorate Side and the Northern Ireland Teachers` Council (NITC) formally ratified an agreement to resolve the long-standing dispute over teacher pay and workload. The agreement provides for an immediate halt to all trade union actions in schools from today and provides for a remuneration of 2.25% for all teachers in Northern Ireland from September 2017 and an additional 2% from September 2018. The Irish National Teachers` Organisation (INTO) has recommended that its members accept the terms of the agreement. The agreement also provides for the commitment of the Education and Training Supervisory Authority (EIT) not to strengthen its inspection activities and to carry out a number of inspections similar to that carried out in 2017-18 and 2018-19.

“Another central element of the offer is the focus on workload and the inclusion of a series of measures that must now be implemented for the good of our members.