Utica College Housing Agreement

For more information on off-campus apartments, please contact Abbie Gorczynski. In 2019-20, Utica College students spent $5,360 on housing and $6,310 on diet. In some cases, late-applying students may be placed on a waiting list for campus residences. While this may be a concern, the waiting list does not necessarily indicate that it will not receive a space allocation. Historically, a number of students who have applied for housing will cancel their space mission and open up spaces for students on the waiting list. Housing employees will carefully review trends from previous years and will communicate throughout the summer with students waiting for status updates. During the summer, Utica College offers safe, comfortable and affordable accommodation for students who stay in the area for summer classes, internships, work or other extenuating circumstances. Students who have applied for admission and have obtained a student ID number may apply for accommodation on the Raymond or Utica campus. Students use their IDs to register for the apartment portal in their myHinds account.

After registration, students must pay a room reservation fee of $52 and choose the desired campus. The invitations invite the student to choose his building preferences, his preferences in the room and his roommates. When the update period begins, students receive a notification of their Hinds email. Ads are also shown in residences and on campus. Given the growing demand for housing at Hinds CC, we advise you to apply for accommodation as soon as possible. An early application increases a student`s chances of securing a space. Depending on the severity of the situation, the college will use discretion over the extent of the injury. Sanctions include a fine, a utility, suspension or expulsion.

Some offences involve a student participating in a disciplinary hearing to determine appropriate action in the event of an offence. All residents are encouraged to return home and visit their families during holidays and intervals. If you have extantuating circumstances, permission to live on campus during the holidays and semesters may be granted for a fee. For security reasons, you may be assigned to a new space for this period. You must apply for leave or a transition period one week before the college closes. Graduates can apply for on-campus accommodation. To apply, please complete the housing contract that is in the chronology of housing allocation. Graduates are placed by the assistant principal of the student living in housing tasks. Graduates can place your name on the waiting list for individual rooms. For more information, see the “Residential Real Estate Waiting List” section in the Guidelines, Processes and Forms section at the end of this page.

Life on campus can be one of the best experiences in the life of a university student. Our student-living program focuses on complementing formal classroom training by providing students with a “total university experience” for growth and personal development. Residential homes close at the end of the fall semester (December) and open at the beginning of the spring semester (January) and at the end of the spring semester (May). Homes also close for spring break in March and Thanksgiving holidays in November. Check the university calendar to see some data. Apply for accommodation with the Office of Housing and Residence Life with a non-refundable room booking fee of $52.00.