Better late than never, right? Sorry about that, guys!

Anyways, so here’s the start of the Champions spam (that will probably last a few days because there is just so much hideous crack in this book that I cannot help myself).

See this team? Most random team in Marvel history, imo. Lookit them.

Champions is always relevant, imho.

From Champions #1, by Tony Isabella and Don Heck.

Warren: Well, it looks like you’ve become leader of our little group in record time.
Natasha: Is that an objection, young man?
Warren: Heck, no! You’re a darn sight more attractive than the last leader I worked with!

Realized I haven’t posted much Champions, decided to rectify. In this sequence we learn Natasha is hotter than Scott Summers and Scott’s leadership soundbite is apparently “let’s go!” Someone needs rebranding conferences.

From Champions #2, by Tony Isabella and Don Heck.