I recognized her, of course. The Black Widow. I always wondered why they called her that. Until that day. Just like the deadly spider that devours its mate— this girl was just as ruthless. And just as quiet. It’s funny. You see super heroes on the news once in a while— hear them talk while they’re fighting— almost seems like they’re having fun. Not this one. All business. Serious as a heart attack. She was a woman with a goal. Woe to anyone— anything— that got in her way.

From Journey Into Mystery #517 by Scott Lobdell and Randy Green.

Natasha: Look, I’m sure the other Avengers would lecture us until they were blue in the face if they knew we were here at Bimboyz— New York’s only male go-go pizza parlor… but being an Avenger is tough work! And you deserve a night off from mothering little Luna— and me from monitor duty!
Crystal: It’s funny, though, ‘Tasha— I don’t see anyone eating pizza…!

From Avengers Unplugged #3, by Mike Lackey and M.C. Wyman.

Tony: So what does this mean? A new spirit of cooperation between our teams?
Natasha: It’s for the best, Tony. And it’s long overdue. You’ve got a remarkable leader in Wanda. She did things today I didn’t know she was capaable of. Look, we’ve known each other for years, Tony… so so I’m sure you won’t mind me saying this… why don’t you start giving Wanda some more credit… and freedom? You wouldn’t want to get on her wrong side… now would you?
Tony: Or her on mine

This was when Tony Stark was posessed by an evil outside of normal space time and then killed a bunch of Avengers in order to reset a franchise. These things don’t just happen to the Scarlet Witch.

From Force Works #14, by Abnett & Lanning and Dave Ross.