Tony: To be sure, I switch on my imaging sensors, checking not only for objects, but for sound bouncing off the surface. No ships. No copters. No planes. Nothing else larger than a seagull. So I make my grand entrance, repulsors charged and ready for anything.
Natasha: Good afternoon, Iron Man. You’re right on time.
Tony: Natasha Romanoff— the Black Widow. I should have known.
Natasha: I hope you’ll pardon my cloak and dagger games, Tony. I couldn’t resist the thought of seeing you unure of yourself. Just for once. Caviar? Sparkling water?

There’s a lot here that’s lol-worthy, but I think special attention should be paid to Natasha’s shoes. If they can be called that.

From Iron Man #6, by Kurt Busiek and Patrick Zircher.

Soldier, spy, and Avenger, the Black Widow takes her name from an Earth spider that is best known for devouring its mate. It is a testament, then, to her beauty, grace, and charm that despite her title, the Widow never hurts for company.

I’m not sure what makes this. Is it the 80s teen movie rebel headband? The seemingly supurfluous background katana? Or the power combo that is both in the same picture.

From Marvel Swimsuit Special ‘94, by Salvador Larocca.