Haeresitic has just finished a lovely Bucky/Natasha picspam that covered their early history. I will spare you from reblogging the hell out of all of it, except to say I agree with most of what she says. I’ve included a page from issue #46 showing how seriously Natalia is taking this new relationship.

I will add that I really didn’t like “Black Widow: Deadly Origin” mini. I found it a horrible muddle of multiple art styles and needlessly complicating Widow’s back story. I just must not be wired the right way to “get” Paul Cornell’s stories. While I’ve liked his tv work, I don’t love his comics. Marjorie Liu, on the other hand, surprised the hell out of me with her Black Widow arc in incorporating Bucky as Nat’s supporter. They believe in each other, knowing full well they’ve both done things they’re not proud of.

I was always a bit unsure if this guy was meant to be sketchily old, or Epting just draws everyone that way.