Banging The Pre-Order Drum Again


Quick bang of the drum for PRE-ORDERING YOUR COMICS. I’m going to get specific on the Big Two here, but it applies across the board.

If you shop through a physical retailer – i.e., if you don’t buy your comics through a digital service and read them through your tablet or whatever without interacting with a human vendor at all – it’s PRETTY VITAL that you let your retailer know what you’re buying early, so they’ve got a chance to take that into account when they make their orders.

With Secret Wars and Convergence coming up, and things getting a little crazy, retailers are going to have a harder time predicting what people are going to want – your information could really help them. So if you see the hype or solicits for something and think, “yeah, I quite fancy that, when it rolls around I’ll get it” – don’t wait! If it’s going to be a definite sale for someone, let that someone know early, so they can order a copy they know will sell. Don’t expect a copy to magically be there for you, because if a retailer’s underestimated the demand, it might not be. And then nobody’s happy.


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