Do you love Natasha Romanoff? Do you love fic and fanart? Are you upset that certain Marvel writers just don’t get your favorite superhero? Then look no further — your new favorite fanworks challenge is here!

Introducing: the Natasha Romanoff Big Bang!

This challenge tasks fic writers and fanartists with collaborating to write a long fic of at least 15,000 words and create accompanying artwork! Anything and everything goes. AU’s! Crossovers! Fusions! Comics canon! MCU canon! Go nuts! Write that space opera you’ve been meaning to write for years! The only requirement is that whatever you create, it must center around Natasha Romanoff!

Interested? Awesome! Sign-ups open on May 16!

In the meantime, you can follow us on tumblr to stay up to date on the big bang and familiarize yourself with our guidelines and schedule. And feel free to come find us on livejournal as well, where our prompts post is already open!

Questions? Ask us on tumblr or via the page-a-mod post on livejournal!

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