Hey! Just found you’re blog and you seem to be in the comics and since I’m mew to those I have a question about Natasha. Maybe you have a good website that explains everything to Nat in the comics (found smth like that for Scarlet Witch). If not maybe you can help. So when was Natasha really born? She got a serum like Steve but I can’t find much more. Would be great if you can help me a bit :) Thank you!

In the main comics continuity Natasha was born c. 1928. The basic outline of Natasha’s origins are explained in my FAQ, and that page also has links to my more in-depth Secret Origins series of essays. (These probably could stand to be updated, but should still be pretty informative.)

It’s misleading to think Natasha has a “serum like Steve” and I’ve gone into why. I’ve also previously explained the meta-history of Natasha’s agelessness, which is more complicated than popularly imagined. (It’s neither a recent invention nor a particularly consistent part of her character.) I’ve also posted some thoughts specifically on the importance of WWII to her canon.

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