I’m so looking forward to the new BW run! But I’m feeling a bit hesitant about how Natasha is apparently going to be very isolated again. I think that’s an important theme to explore for her character, but it also makes it hard for her to have supporting characters & relationships that stick across series & become part of her mythology (for lack of a better word). One of the things I enjoyed in the last run was how it fleshed out her relationship with Maria & the edition of Isaiah & Liho.

I feel you. Part of the problem is that Natasha does tend to isolate herself when she’s in trouble. It’s something we’ve seen over and over again, born from wanting to keep people from her dangers as much as a determination to go it alone. That impulse is always going to be there in her stories, I think, which is one of the reasons why developing supporting characters that stick around has been difficult. The other reason is that she hasn’t ever had a very regular series for things to carry over from.

So, here’s some words of optimism. We’re dealing with a specific plot element that’s isolating Natasha, not a totally random status quo change. Since Natasha is actually getting a regular series now, the chances are there will still be Black Widow solo stories even after this initial arc resolves. The more that happens the more chances there are to see old cast members return. 

Plus, I don’t think we’re totally losing her mythology even if she’s being cut off from her normal contacts. The tumultuous relationship Natasha had with SHIELD in the previous volume is definitely being toyed with, and Maria Hill is mentioned in the solicit for issue #2.

Still, though: bring back the cat. #liho2k16

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