so i’ve decided to do a series of edits highlighting jessica and natasha’s incredible relationship entitled “top 10 jessnat moments as voted for by all of you guys!

i’ve set up a poll here! there are 20 different options there, as well as a space for you to right in something in case i accidentally forgot a moment. 

you can vote for up to 3 different moments in no particular order, so that at the end of the voting period, the 10 moments that have the most number of points overall will be the winners!

for the time being, the poll will be open for 1 week (from Tuesday 8/23- Tuesday 8/30). however, i might extend it past that date. if i do, i will be sure to let you know! let me know if you have any questions about any of the moments listed, and i’ll clarify!

happy voting <333

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