You’ve mentioned before how every character iteration of Natasha from the comics to the movies varies. But as a character, what do you think are some defining traits of Natasha? Ones that maybe you’ve seen carried the most throughout various runs, or ones that you simply think are important to understanding her as a character in general? She’s such a complex character with shades of subjective “good” and “bad”, and there’s a lot that different creators tap into–I’m curious about the constants.

Natasha’s defining traits, I think, are: 

  • She’s Russian 
  • She’s a spy— the genre aspect here isn’t always emphasized, but this is a background and a powerset, she operates at the baseline human level and her abilities come from gadgets and intense training 
  • Her codename is Black Widow 
  • She used to be a villain but isn’t anymore— Natasha is treated as varying degrees of moral, and the redemption angle isn’t always played up, but she’s generally positioned as someone to root for  

That might seem like not much but it’s actually remarkably consistent. Compare her with Carol Danvers, who has been through numerous powerset and codename changes in addition to having her emotional memory wiped, or Wanda’s constantly shifting powerset and ethnic background.

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