I actually have never liked the Widow/Bucky pairing; it seems *far* too easy & pat to me. In fact, I’d rather they expanded Natasha’s sexuality and let her be bi in her sexual expression. She just doesn’t strike me as a woman to subordinate herself to a man for too long. What do you think?

Well, I don’t think you need my permission to read Natasha as bi. I’m not a big OTP person and I like Natasha with a lot of different characters. Some of them are women. I’d be pretty excited for canon Sharon/Nat.

But I also think being in a relationship with a man isn’t the same thing as Natasha “subordinating herself” to a man. A huge part of what I appreciate about Natasha’s character is that she is brave enough, sometimes, to pursue romantic relationships and pursue them wholly, even though it would be easier to push everyone away, even though every love she’s known has been doomed. That’s strength, not subordination.

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