i’ve loved your recommended reading list and this may be a bit of a long shot but do you know of any titles that focus on or highlight natasha’s past as a dancer as a particular thematic thread? thank you!

There aren’t many of them. Natasha’s past as a dancer was first mentioned in a super off-hand way in an old Daredevil issue, and has likewise been built up mostly through lines of dialogue.  

There are two short stories (like, not even a full issue long) that you might want to look at, if you’re up for tracking them down:

Captain America: Sam Wilson #7 (2015)
Solo Avengers #7 (1988)

— and maybe Black Widow #16 (2015) if you squint

And then there are a few longer stories that deal with the ballet idea but in the context that her dance training was just brainwashing:

Winter Soldier #6-9
— Black Widow: Homecoming

I’m sorry I don’t have better recommendations for you!