Monthly Payment Agreement Revenu Quebec

You can use one of two methods to propose a pre-authorized debit payment contract. The Law to Safeguard the Mutual Enforcement of Support Obligations Orders also allows a creditor living outside Quebec to make a judgment on aid payments made in a Canadian province or territory or in one of the ten U.S. states listed for executing the judgment in Quebec. If you are an individual or an individual in the economy, you can use our online services to offer a monthly payment contract and divide your debts into up to 12 consecutive monthly payments. To prevent taxpayers from having to go bankrupt, the rating agency proposes a solution to assist taxpayers and licensed insolvency trusts (“LITs”) in cases where the rating agency is creditor and the debtor is in financial difficulty. The rating agency waives default under Section 62.1 of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (“BIA”) and grants the estate a deferral of payment until September 1, 2020. This includes all amounts submitted to the BIA in accordance with the existing administrative policy of the CREDIT rating agency with LITs for proposals submitted in accordance with Part I of the BIA, in accordance with Section 60(1.1) of the BIA. With regard to consumer proposals under the BIA, the rating agency accepts an amended proposal that postpones payments until 1 September 2020. Subjects who, because of COVID-19, are unable to make a return or payment on time, may request the cancellation of interest and penalties charged to their account. Penalties and interest will not be collected if the new deadlines announced by the government for tax returns and payments are met.

Further information on tax relief and the request to the credit rating agency to remove interest and/or penalties are available at The grant amount is 75-100% of the fixed costs of eligible businesses, up to a maximum monthly amount of $30,000. The program covers eligible costs incurred between March 23, 2020 and May 22, 2020. Applications are received until June 30, 2020. “Legitimate fixed fees”: you must pay an administrative fee of about $100, unless the debt comes from a tax under the tax law (and not other tax laws that have nothing to do with income) and within 90 days of the transfer of your file, you have entered into a payment agreement with Revenue Quebec. You can offer such an agreement via the LM-30 or LM-31 forms or via the Clic-SÉQUR website. The clerk sends a copy of the court`s decision or agreement to Revenue Quebec, which opens a file and contacts the payer and the recipient of the aid.