Solar Panel Lease Agreements

Solar leases and PDOs allow homeowners to bet on solar energy with little or no money. Also, ideally, your monthly payment is no higher than what you are currently paying for your distribution company`s electricity. So the potential for future savings is considerable – especially since it starts as soon as you turn on the switch. As part of a solar lease agreement, things are quite over-the-counter for the owner. You lend your roof to a solar service provider, and they lend you the equipment to produce clean, renewable energy. That`s how it works. With a solar lease or power receiving agreement (ECA), you don`t have to pay the high upfront fees for solar modules, equipment, and installation. Instead of paying for a solar installation, you pay a fixed monthly amount for the electricity produced by the solar modules. It`s simple and affordable. In addition, a local solar energy company takes care of the installation and maintenance of your solar installation and perhaps additional warranties, insurance and repairs. Here too, look carefully at the conditions – in some cases, you remain responsible for the replacement of broken devices. If you`re looking for a solar panel installation near you, Modernize can help. If you`re wondering, “But what if I move?” don`t worry, we`ve covered that too.

In fact, we have a whole team that helps you sell your solar home and transfer your contract to the new owners. Since most of the original companies have stopped negotiating, it can be difficult for sellers and buyers to know who owns their panels. Jim Cowan recently bought his home without getting the contract for the leased panels. He cannot know to whom it belongs, because the company that installs no longer exists and may be unable to remortgaging or selling. Owners in this difficult situation must submit a request for access to the questions to the FIT registration team of the Energy Regulatory Authority Ofgem and prove that they own the property. Ask the right questions to find out if multiple companies are involved in installing the system and do some research. Make sure every business is financially healthy and is in great shape with thousands of satisfied customers in business.