Standard Construction Management Agreement

Where the site manager acts as an agent for the contracting authority, he must act transparently and always in the best interests of the contracting authority. As an intermediary, it owes fiduciary duties to the client. (Learn more about fiduciary duties here.) Do you want to start with a new manager for your construction project? A work management contract is a contract designed and signed by a builder and the owner of the land. It allows you to define roles and responsibilities, deadlines, salaries and project specifics. We help you establish a construction management agreement that documents your goals and expectations. The list of tasks in Part B of Schedule to AS 4916 requires you to indicate, for each task, whether the site manager is “an agent” for the client or “not as an agent”. AS 4916 is a form of construction management contract published by Standards Australia. (Learn more about construction management contracts here.) Secondly, it is very difficult for some tasks to determine which control box should be applied. For example, the “change control” is the first task mentioned. It is not clear whether this is a task in which the developer advises the developer (in this case, the “should not be an agent” box) or whether this involves acting on behalf of the procuring entity in carrying out the modification (in this case, the “agent” box should be checked).

There are a lot of tasks like that. AS 4916 is one of the most frequently used – and abused – forms of construction management contracts in Australia. This article explains how it works and also identifies areas in which users often get it wrong. There is a standard form of commercial agreement published by Standard Australia and intended for use in conjunction with AS 4916, AS 4917-2003. Here you can purchase a license to use AS 4917. This is because the role of site manager is simply to manage commercial contractors without taking the risk of their non-execution. First, in areas where a traditional construction management agreement is provided, the choice between “agent” and “not as an agent” in general should be defined. In other words, the site manager will probably always perform the same function in the same way, regardless of the project in question.

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