You’ve talked about the scenes in the movie with Widow and the Hulk, what did you think about the scenes between her and Banner?

Well, I think they are very much informed by her scenes with Hulk. Everyone’s are, everyone’s a bit on the edge around Banner, because they know he can turn into a giant green rage monster.

And at first, I don’t think Natasha’s very apologetic about that. She comes to see him all calm and collected and says of course, that she came alone. She’s trusting, and she can handle it. But that’s a lie— of course she reaches for her gun the split-second she’s provoked, she’s really desperate for control, underneath. And of course they’re really surrounded by a SHIELD platoon, just in case everything goes wrong. It’s pragmatic.

But I think she feels bad about it, about having to mistrust him, possibly because, of course, everyone mistrusts her, on some level. Natasha wants to change, to be better, to make up for past misdeeds, but she still has to be super paranoid if she wants to survive and that prevents her from trusting others, from letting them be better.

When she and Banner are trapped in the helicarrier together and he’s fighting off the change, she waves away her possible backup. She might be doing it to save them, or she might be doing it as a kind of leap of faith. Or maybe now she just knows that her best chance of calming him down is being direct and really honest. Probably a combination of these things.

She does, at the end, present him with a duffel bag and watch him drive away from SHIELD and SHIELD custody. I think that shows how she’s progressed throughout the film, and how he’s progressed to. They were part of a team, in spite of things they couldn’t control, against stuff bigger than both of them, and some sliver of trust had to develop there for that to work.

Lmao but I should probably watch the movie again if I’m going to keep off-the-cuff analyzing it like this.