Natasha: No, m’sleepy.
Matt: Grab your stuff, Natasha. We can’t sleep here tonight.
Natasha: Matt, I have to sleep. You know how I get.
Matt: Yes, but you have a hired assassin after you who has not only gotten access to my SHIELD file… (…which is something I have never had.) But today, before all of this, he has seen my face.
Natasha: He’s probably left the city.

The mounting evidence that Natasha isn’t a morning person.

From Daredevil #64, by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev.

Clint: Up your horns, fella! I’m not leavin’ without ‘Tasha!
Matt: Keep wishing, Avenger! The Widow’s not up for grabs today!
Natasha: That’s enough— both of you!! I go where I please— with whom I please!
Clint: That’s tellin’ him, Spider Lady!
Matt: Hawkeye, do me a favor: shut up!
Natasha: I wish both of you noble, selfless defenders of the good would start acting the part. Meaning, can we go inside and discuss this like civilized human beings?

Ship wars, c. 1973.

From Daredevil and the Black Widow #99, by Steve Gerber and Sam Kweskin.

Ramrod: An’ ya can forget them Widow’s Stings lady! I don’t even feel ‘em!
Natasha: No? Then maybe
Ramrod: Hey—!
Natasha: — just maybe— you’ll feel this! See, you have to catch me before you can dismember me. Only I won’t let you catch me! Frustrating, isn’t it— for a big strong man like you?
Ramrod: Back on the oil rig, lady, we had a word for yer kinda dame!
Natasha: Tch tch, nasty nasty! You wouldn’t call me evil names, would you? I mean— I blush at such words in mixed company.
Matt: She’s absolutely right, Rammy! Now, you apologize! Better yet— just shut up and go away!
Natasha: Aw! Did wamwod twip on biwwy cwub cable?

People who think Natasha is only a troll in MCU are wrong.

From Daredevil and the Black Widow #106, by Steve Gerber and Don Heck.

Quinn: Okay, okay, I am seven city blocks away from Matt Murdock’s law office. I am here because Natasha “the %^@ who kicked my %$$ yesterday” Romanova hasn’tleft his side in 39 hours and counting. I have no idea if I’m going to be able to make the shot from this distance. I have— there they are! (Huggy little bears…) I cannot believe that someone of the Black Widow’s reputation is still making such a public spectacle of herself. We have been trained to blend in and disappear… and she’s standing out there like she wants me to— No way…

From Daredevil #64, by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev.