Natasha: I thought your telepathic gifts are somewhat, shall we say, reduced.
Emma: Completely trashed… but you don’t need telepathy to know that you and I are far from the best of friends… but you’re also legendarily discreet
Natasha: An absolute truth.
Emma: …And the nasty little hole I find myself in calls for the utmost discretion… one bitch to another.

From A + X #13, by Howard Chaykin.

A+X #13
• A+X= something altogether different starting this month!
• Half of this issue kicks off a 6-part story by GERRY DUGGAN (DEADPOOL) and DAVID YARDIN (ASTONISHING X-MEN, Injustice: Gods Among Us) bringing A and X to a collision course with Captain America and Cyclops running in A+X #13-18!
• The other half of the issue sees industry legend HOWARD CHAYKIN writing and drawing the sexiest story in A+X history with Emma Frost and Black Widow!

I want to be excited about this— it’s a team-up I’ve wanted for ages. But it’s real hard to get hype when another solicit month comes and goes and the only adjective they have for these women is sexy.

Alternatively: I demand the sexiest Namor/Hercules team-up of all time.

It seems like with every event we get new outfits!! Personally, I’ve gone straight past nerdrage and begun rolling around in ridiculous superhero fashion and loving it. Not only are the mutants rocking alien powersource makeovers that have wardrobed them to take over an album cover for Meatloaf, not only is Scott Summers now sporting some sort of crotch boomerang, the Avengers are all wearing a goggle/harness addition. I assume this is protective, but if the Phoenix Force can be combatted with sunglasses, surely Marvel Heroes have been going about this wrong for an awful long time.

Unlettered preview from Avengers vs X-men #6, by Jonathan Hickman and Olivier Coipel.

Marvel just announced a tie-in to their yearly event— this one’s called Versus.

The editors described “AvX: Versus” as the “anti-‘Front Line.’” “We just wanted more fights,” said Lowe.

The first issue will contain a Magneto vs Iron Man fight by Adam Kubert and Jason Aaron, and a Namor vs Thing fight by Kathryn and Stuart Immonen. Since Natasha’s on this cover, it seems mildly likely she’ll show up at some point, but I don’t think they’ll ever be able to top her showing in Contest of Champions II, where she single-handedly took out both Wonder Man and all of X-force. Thanks, Chris Claremont!

These are the Black Widow cards from the Marvel Superhero Squad Online Card Game. The team-up card with Emma Frost is interesting, because the characters have never met in comics. Also, “Fierce Competitor” apparently refers to Natasha’s previously unknown stint on America’s Next Top Model. Janet seems to be playing the part of Tyra.

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Fantastic Four #1, Marvel has been putting out variants that remix some of their most iconic covers. Secret Avengers #19 is a homage to the first issue of Grant Morrison’s New X-men run. It causes me to consider whether Natasha is more like Jean Grey or Emma Frost.

Secret Avengers #19 50th Anniversary Variant by Larry Stroman, New X-men #114 cover by Frank Quitely.

Medusa: We don’t do it for any reward.
Tandy: It’s not to make a lot of money.
Natasha: Or to achieve fame.
Valkyrie: Though we can be legendary.
Rikki: We don’t do it because we’re exceptional.
Jessica: But we strive for excellence.
Neena: It’s not because we’re different.
Emma: Yet we are each unique.

From Girl Comics #1, by Colleen Coover.