Ben: And Clint used to be a thief, right?
Jess: Mmm-hmm.
Ben: Who would hold that against him now?
Natasha: Yes. Yes. This is all very Fifty Shades of Hawkeye. Clint was a circus sharpshooter once too. And now Jess has snagged herself a clown.

Natasha, you dated Clint during his petty criminal/circus sharpshooter days. You also dated someone who ran around World War II with his underwear on the wrong side of his pants. Literally zero room to judge.

From Spider-Woman #17 by Dennis Hopeless and Veronica Fish.

Bobbi: If I did expose you to repeated low doses of an experimental neurotoxin during our marriage it was only to inoculate you. And because I didn’t want to use it myself until I knew it worked.
Clint: You poisoned me?

Clint: Natasha, please tell me you’re not experimenting with those old Russian poisons again.
Natasha: I only paralyzed you for a week, Clint. You need to let that go.

From Mockingbird #4 by Chelsea Cain and Kate Niemczyk, & Astonishing X-men #62 by Marjorie Liu and Gabriel Hernandez Walta.