JILLVREDFIELD said: No, but giving money to Marvel on these issues just perpetuates the shit they have pulled and makes them more likely to do it again.

I totally get why anyone would want to avoid this event in its totality and if there’s a tag someone wants me to use so they can easily avoid all SE-adjacent content, I am down. I would be avoiding this whole mess if I wasn’t guaranteed to get people asking me about it. I think there’s a legitimate conversation to be had (maybe not here) about what fans and fan-writers can or should do to respond to troubling aspects of the source material. But I don’t think it’s a conversation that has only one correct answer. I feel that, for me, that having a blog where I write informed criticisms of comics I dislike from a good-faith perspective is gonna have more of an impact than a boycott.

This isn’t the first time I’ve faced this kind of ethical dilemma: can I justify buying a comic from a writer I love if the art is by Greg Land? I bought issues of Brian Wood’s X-Men and Nathan Edmondson’s Black Widow, and I’m honestly a lot more conflicted about that then I am about discussing Secret Empire. I don’t like the choices the industry gives me a lot of the time, but I also don’t like putting the moral responsibility for those choices 100% on fans.