Natasha: The brute ran off. He should be easily run down.
Bullseye: Thank you kindly, Miss…?
Natasha: Missus Barnes.
Bullseye: Now where do I know that name from?
Natasha: I’m sure I don’t know. Good day.
Natasha: I don’t know why I’m helping you.
Red Wolf: Yes, you do. Two are stronger than one. Together we can kill them all.

1872 is a clever callback to Natasha’s original, super-retro origin story: the one where she fought to take her husband’s place, the one where the KGB lied about his death. Then, as here, the ghost of him kept her loyal to a corrupt regime. And then, when she learned the truth, they couldn’t stop her from doing the right thing.

The series really needs to let Red Wolf be the protagonist moving forward to be actually great, but if you need a Natasha fix during Secret Wars, this might be worth picking up.

From 1872 #2, by Gerry Duggan and Nik Virella.