Tony: Here… let me help you… wha…? I can’t move!!
Natasha: This paralyzing gas will render you helpless just long enough, my handsome fool!
The next moment, as the sricken Stark slumps to his knees…
Natasha: If it can lift a safe… it can move a wall… ah! It is working!!
Guard: Hold it, lady! That’s a restricted area! Stop, or I’ll… holy smoke!
Natasha: Stay up there a while, little man and do not annoy me!

From Tales of Suspense #53, by Stan Lee, N. Kurok and Don Heck.

Tony: So what does this mean? A new spirit of cooperation between our teams?
Natasha: It’s for the best, Tony. And it’s long overdue. You’ve got a remarkable leader in Wanda. She did things today I didn’t know she was capaable of. Look, we’ve known each other for years, Tony… so so I’m sure you won’t mind me saying this… why don’t you start giving Wanda some more credit… and freedom? You wouldn’t want to get on her wrong side… now would you?
Tony: Or her on mine

This was when Tony Stark was posessed by an evil outside of normal space time and then killed a bunch of Avengers in order to reset a franchise. These things don’t just happen to the Scarlet Witch.

From Force Works #14, by Abnett & Lanning and Dave Ross.

Tony: According to his rap sheet, that squirrel of a man has been to prison six times. He doesn’t squeal. It’s against his religion. He’s not going to talk to you.
Clint: I’ll talk to him.
Natasha: No, Hawkeye. This is my area of expertise.
Clint: Great. I’ll come with you.
Natasha: No.
Clint: We’ll play good cop/bad cop.
Natasha: No. It’ll just be a minute.
Natasha: Okay, so here’s what’s what…
Clint: That was fast.

From Avengers Assemble #4, by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley.

Tony: So tell me, how was it to work with the famous Black Widow? Did you get to know her at all?

A little bit, ys. She’s not as humorless as I first thought. So that’s nice. All in all, though, I’m going to have to admit that she’s not a very likeable person. But I do trust her. Completeley.

From Black Widow and the Marvel Girls #2, by Paul Tobin and Jacopo Camagni.

• The demented Dr. June Covington has taken on A.I.M., and is winning. The Avengers are caught in the middle of this Mad Science War!
• But, now, this situation is more important – because there’s a second Terrigen cocoon in New York, ticking like a time bomb, about to go off, Covington wants it and A.I.M. has it.
• SPIDER-GIRL, who has been mentored by the Avengers in her search for her teacher, abducted by Covington for Nefarious Genetic Purposes, now leads the charge, as the Avengers Assemble to end this conflict before the Terrigen cocoon explodes and New York is doooooomed.

Natasha: Are you going to fight? Or are you laying there thinking of a new food substitute to patent?
Tony: Cascade failure. I couldn’t stand up in this thing if you paid me right now?
Natasha: Who said anything about standing up? God, you people
Tony: What people?
Natasha: You’re all the same! Thor’s still waiting for his daddy to hug him, Steve’s still waiting for World War Two to end— and you still act like you’re nothing but a man in a can! FIGHT! AAAAA
Tony: Nat? What happened? I can’t see you, properly— wait, I’m scanning— was that your leg?
Natasha: I’ve got two. Stop whining and get to work.

From Avengers: Endless Wartime, by Warren Ellis and Mike McKone.