Attention, Comic Nerds: Here’s Your Exclusive Look at Marvel’s New Female-Driven Series

Attention, Comic Nerds: Here’s Your Exclusive Look at Marvel’s New Female-Driven Series

She Has No Head! – Five by Five – Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources

She Has No Head! – Five by Five – Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources

It’s about time that one of the world’s most recognized female super heroes got her own solo series. And “Storm” brings our count of monthly series featuring female leads up to seven. All of these books – “She-Hulk,” “Elektra,” “Black Widow,” “Ms. Marvel,” “Captain Marvel” and “X-Men” – have very different vibes, and feature characters motivated by very, very different things. “Storm” will continue that trend.

Axel Alonso, Marvel Editor-in-Chief

Natasha: I am Special Agent Natalia Shostakova of the Komitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopastnosti and this is your first and last warning!
Carol: I am Colonel Karola Danilovska of the GRU and you are interfering with a secret military test flight.
Natasha: Good try, but your sibilants and labials are inconsistent with a native speaker, and besides… I knew full well that an American spy plane was going to be in this location at this time…

Daily reminder that when Natasha and Carol first met, it was in a firefight over Kamchatka.

From Before the Fantastic Four: Ben Grimm and Logan #1, by Larry Hama and Kaare Andrews.

Carol: So I pass the test?
Natasha: Yes. Though there might be a final exam.
Carol: Fine, bring it. I’m curious though… did you really find the deactivation code just at the right time? Or were you holding it in check, waiting to see how I would react to the crisis? If I was willing to die for the cause?
Natasha: Ms. Marvel… that’s a good question. It really is. But I don’t play twenty questions.

From Black Widow and the Marvel Girls #3, by Paul Tobin and Salvador Espin.

Freya: Ages agone, you were cast from the ranks of the Valkyrior. ANd before that, the shieldmaidens were forbidden to enter Midgard. And yet… my sisters— Gaea and Idunn— agree it is time for the Valkyrior to ride once more… and this time with a calling greater than simply ferrying the fallen to Valhalla. Eight women… selected as symbols as valor and honor and reward for those who adhere to their standard. Eight heroes… vigilant in their post against evil… fearless in the execution of their duties. But this time, they will not be chosen from the realm of Asgard. As our kingdom is now upon Midgard, so too shall our shieldmaidens be chosen from among the heroes of Midgard. Chosen— and commanded— by you.
Idunn: And don’t squander my apples this time.

The conclusion of Fearless also set things up for a new Lady Liberators, this go-round inspired by the mythological Valkyrior. To quote Cullen Bunn:

Those last couple of pages were what I was most excited about. And, yeah, while there were some specific characters shown as possibilities, it was never my intention that they would be the ONLY possibilities for a line-up. …I’d love to write something like that. It’s something that’s been in my head for a while and there’s definitely a longer story I’d like to tell. But if it’s something that readers want to see, they need to let Marvel know. I’m sure something will be done with the idea. How and where, though… I dunno.

I’m pretty lukewarm on the Lady Liberators as a concept, but this is a nice update that would give a clear direction for an all-female team, and tie into the current status quo of the MU.

From Fear Itself: The Fearless #12, by Cullen Bunn w/ Matt Fraction & Chris Yost and Paul Pelletier & Mark Bagley.