Man: Now, listen, it was crazy. Bullets were flying everywhere. This guy— I’ve never seen anything like that. Like a tank, a tank with tattoos and— Look anderson, people got hurt. But it wasn’t the Black Widow, she stopped that guy from killing a lot more people. She’s a hero, and you Americans, you should treat her like that. We were glad to see her in our streets.
Anderson: Another point of view. And this begs the question— are the Avengers actions beyond the reach of politics?

Something #topical: remember when Anderson Cooper guest starred in Black Widow?

From Black Widow #12 by Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto.


Well, Black Widow #20 is on the stands today. It’s been an amazing ride.  A big thanks to Axel Alonso who originally pitched me the idea of drawing this book, Ellie Pyle, who was the best editor anyone could ask for, Jake Thomas, who kept us going flawlessly for the second half, Clayton Cowles, who lettered the book beautifully, month in and month out and of course Nathan Edmondson, who created such a perfect version of Natasha and her world. It was a thrill to draw all those scripts. Last but not least  , THANKS to all of YOU who supported the book and kept it going for almost 2 years! Nathan and I have been so happy with the reception to our run on this book. It made it a pleasure creating these stories for you.

Maria: You brought down an international terrorist. Even when we left you out in the cold.
Natasha: I don’t exactly have the best public profile, these days.
Maria: But you do have the résumé. I need an Avenger, and an agent who has a bad reputation, so that she can do bad things. Things that others can’t. I need you. The world needs you.
Natasha: This wasn’t ever what I wanted for myself, Maria. Being the odd girl out, the bad girl, the anti-hero. It’s not what I wanted.
Maria: Sometimes you don’t choose your path. You can’t change your past, but you can meet the future head-on. That’s what you’ve always done. I admire you for it.
Natasha: I quit.
Maria: What?
Natasha: Thank you for everything, Maria.

From Black Widow #18, by Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto.