hello i want to read all of the comics that includes buckynat, i mean i want learn their history how can i read, i mean -if you would do this you’ll make me so happy- can you line up these comics chronologically please?

I posted a list like this a while ago but it deserves an update.

Most of their relationship is developed in Brubaker’s immense Captain America run. I usually recommend starting that book at the beginning (that is, Captain America v5 #1), but Natasha first appears in issue #27, and issue #25 is a decent starting point.

1. Available digitally as single issues: #616, #617, #618, #619.
2. Bucky appears in issues #15, #17, and #18.
3. This is a really brief flashback cameo.
4. You could also buy issues #9 and #10 individually.
† Denotes comics I particularly like.

Hi! Do you have any recs for TPB collections of non-Natasha Black Widows? I’m specifically thinking of Yelena Belova but I’m also interested in Monica Chang and Jessica Drew (and I guess even Claire Voyant). Thank you!!!

The good Yelena stories are in the Itsy-Bitsy Spider TBP.  Unfortunately, the Pale Little Spider MAX mini, which stars Yelena, hasn’t been collected.

The other two feature mostly as supporting characters. Monica Chang first appears in Ultimate Comics: Avengers, and then as a recurring character in Ultimates books.

Jessica Drew first appears as Black Widow in All-New Ultimates, and she has a few good moments in that book. But I’d recommend her earlier appearances as Spider-Woman to understand the character.  She first shows up in the Ultimate Clone Saga, and continues to show up in Ultimate Spider-Man, then later joins the Ultimates when that book becomes Ultimate Comics: Ultimates. This TPB guide to the Ultimate Marvel Universe will give you the reading order.

For Claire Voyant, I recommend The Twelve.

My brother-in-law and I have recently gotten my eleven year old niece interested in Marvel things by taking her to see the MCU movies, and the other day I was at the bookstore with her and while I was looking through comics she asked me where all the Widow comics were because that’s what she wanted to read. However, I’m not really all that familiar with Natasha’s comic history and figured you would be the best to ask – what would be the most appropriate for a new, younger reader?

Good question. Nothing mainline Marvel will show full nudity and swears get censored: it is all PG-13. Black Widow comics tend to be more mature in terms of their themes and violence, but they don’t break the basic Marvel rules. So, it depends on what you think your niece can handle and would enjoy. The target age for most comics is older than eleven, but not that much older.

The alternative to this is an “all-ages” line that skews a bit younger. The problem is that Marvel publishes much fewer of these comics, and so it’s way harder to find Natasha stuff.

So, that said, here’s some possible places to start, and some commentary that will help you decide what your niece might enjoy. You can always flip through a comic at the store to double-check the appropriateness level.

  • Black Widow and the Marvel Girls. This is an all-ages series that features Natasha teaming up with various Marvel superheroines. The art is a bit boobtactular in places for an all-ages book, but the stories are simple and straightforward and often pretty cute.
  • Black Widow: The Name of the Rose. What I recommend as a gateway book to Natasha, this is my favorite run on her comic, and it’s works pretty well as a starter book, too. This is a mainstream Marvel title with some intense if cartoon-y violence and a fairly significant (and also awesome) nude scene.
  • Black Widow: The Finely Woven Thread. This is the first volume of her most recent series, with two more volumes that follow after that. It’s a lot bleaker and more realistic-looking than Name of the Rose, and imo, not as good, but it is especially approachable for MCU fans and deals with a lot of the same themes and characters as she does in the movies. The tone and complexity level are pretty similar to Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

It’s easier to find more approachable Natasha comics if you’re willing to look at books where she plays a significant supporting role, so here are some recs for that, too.

  • DeConnick’s Avengers Assemble run. This run features a lot of the movie characters, plus more women. It’s one of the more approachable and fun Avengers runs in recent memory.  Natasha features most heavily in the Science Bros trade but she appears throughout the run.
  • Nomad: Girl Without a World.This is a story that introduces Rikki Barnes, the Bucky of her universe that gets somehow trapped in another. It features Natasha in a mentor role, and there’s a harder-to-find team up that happens later. It also features Falcon and the Young Avengers.

Also worth mentioning is Black Widow: Forever Red, a YA novel. A sequel is coming!

I’m new to the comic world, but I just got the Black Widow Itsy Bitsy Spider book thingy with Black Widow 1999 #1-3 and 2001 #1-3 with Yelena Belova. what should I get after this?? xoxo

I’d suggest Name of the Rose if you haven’t read it already, and I think the Edmondson/Noto stuff is a good follow-up to Breakdown, tonally. If you’re interested in learning more about Yelena Belova, I suggest Pale Little Spider, if it seems up your alley and you can actually find the issues.

For more suggestions, you can also check out my rec list. Happy reading!!

Hello, would you happen to be able to link me to any posts about the order in which to read Black Widow comics?

My general rec list includes places to start! I tried to pick comics that are easy to find, start their own stories, and don’t require much previous knowledge or comicsmarts— they’re also essential stories I think every Black Widow fan should read. You might not need this advice, anon, but I think some of my readers do: there’s no place in comics you have to start from and no reading order that can to force the Marvel universe to make sense. My first Black Widow comic was actually Daredevil v2 #2, then I read the Morgan and Grayson/Rucka stuff completely out of order, then I went back to the sixties Avengers comics and kept stabbing onward like this, haphazard, and I think I turned out okay.

Reading orders are only really essential for long runs where continuing stories get lost in renumbering. Things like Brubaker’s Captain America, where issue #50 leaps to issue #600, or Hickman’s Fantastic Four that becomes FF along the way. Black Widow hasn’t had any sweeping runs like that, so you’re generally good finding an issue #1 and proceeding to issue #2, or purchasing a trade you see in the book store that strikes your fancy.

Can you recommend any crazy alternate universe/What If? stories about Natasha?

What If: Age of Ultron #3 & #5
This is an AU where Thor dies and the world is reduced to a Ragnarok-flavored wasteland. Natasha and a small band of surviving heroes wander around the post-apocalyse fighting frost giants in a flying SHIELD car. In issue #5, this AU version of Natasha gets pulled into another AU and forms part of an all-AU AU Avengers. Collected in What If: Age of Ultron.

What If The Fantastic Four Were Cosmonauts?
Sort of a Red Son for the Marvel Universe, this has the former KGB operative Natasha Romanoff join Rudion Richards on an experimental cosmic-rays related space flight. What could happen next? There are four other What Ifs in this universe, all set in different historical periods, and collected in What If: Mirror Mirror.

What If v1 #38: Daredevil 2013
Join us in the distant future of 2013, where Daredevil is old and balding and sad and Natasha overthrew the USSR and became the first president of the Russian Republic. For some reason, the story focuses more on Matt??

can you list me some buckynat comics? and do you might know any free download for them? :)

Sure. Most of their relationship is developed in Brubaker’s immense Captain America run. I usually recommend starting that book at the beginning (that is, Captain America v5 #1), but Natasha first appears in issue #27, and issue #25 is a decent starting point.

I don’t do the pirate thing on this site, but there’s a buy-one-get-one thing going on at the Marvel store right now, so half of these comics can be free if you act quick.

1 Available digitally as single issues: #616, #617, #618, #619.

Denotes comics I particularly like.