womenofmcu just reached 4000 followers! To thank you for your support, here is a list of quality fanblogs to further your Marvel cravings and improve your stay in the fandom.

You will find here only active blogs of quality entirely dedicated to one or several Marvel ladies’ cinematic and televisual interpretation (at least partially, some may include comics content). This list is far from complete. If you have suggestions following our criteria, don’t hesitate to share and we will add them if we like them.

Fanblogs dedicated to a female character

Fanblogs dedicated to a femslash pairing

Fanblogs dedicated to a female cast member

Fanblogs dedicated to several female characters


fuckyeahblackpepper just got a new admin and fyeahmcublackwidow is a treasure. Plus, scarletwitching and fuckyeahwandamaximoff both post some MCU content.