so i’ve decided to do a series of edits highlighting jessica and natasha’s incredible relationship entitled “top 10 jessnat moments as voted for by all of you guys!

i’ve set up a poll here! there are 20 different options there, as well as a space for you to right in something in case i accidentally forgot a moment. 

you can vote for up to 3 different moments in no particular order, so that at the end of the voting period, the 10 moments that have the most number of points overall will be the winners!

for the time being, the poll will be open for 1 week (from Tuesday 8/23- Tuesday 8/30). however, i might extend it past that date. if i do, i will be sure to let you know! let me know if you have any questions about any of the moments listed, and i’ll clarify!

happy voting <333


womenofmcu just reached 4000 followers! To thank you for your support, here is a list of quality fanblogs to further your Marvel cravings and improve your stay in the fandom.

You will find here only active blogs of quality entirely dedicated to one or several Marvel ladies’ cinematic and televisual interpretation (at least partially, some may include comics content). This list is far from complete. If you have suggestions following our criteria, don’t hesitate to share and we will add them if we like them.

Fanblogs dedicated to a female character

Fanblogs dedicated to a femslash pairing

Fanblogs dedicated to a female cast member

Fanblogs dedicated to several female characters


fuckyeahblackpepper just got a new admin and fyeahmcublackwidow is a treasure. Plus, scarletwitching and fuckyeahwandamaximoff both post some MCU content.


Project Romanoff Mini Bang

Are you a fic writer, fan artis, fan mixer, cosplayer, photo editor, gif set maker, or other fandom crafter? Then help us spread some love for our favorite SHEILD agent and ex soviet super spy. Fic writers will be paired with other creators to write a fic with accompanying media! Fics will be a minimum of 2,000 words. 

Sign up here  before Monday, May11th.

Pairings will be emailed out May 12th

Check ins will occur Monday, June 1st

Submissions will be due Sunday, June 14th 

Posting will begin Monday, June 15th


Do you love Natasha Romanoff? Do you love fic and fanart? Are you upset that certain Marvel writers just don’t get your favorite superhero? Then look no further — your new favorite fanworks challenge is here!

Introducing: the Natasha Romanoff Big Bang!

This challenge tasks fic writers and fanartists with collaborating to write a long fic of at least 15,000 words and create accompanying artwork! Anything and everything goes. AU’s! Crossovers! Fusions! Comics canon! MCU canon! Go nuts! Write that space opera you’ve been meaning to write for years! The only requirement is that whatever you create, it must center around Natasha Romanoff!

Interested? Awesome! Sign-ups open on May 16!

In the meantime, you can follow us on tumblr to stay up to date on the big bang and familiarize yourself with our guidelines and schedule. And feel free to come find us on livejournal as well, where our prompts post is already open!

Questions? Ask us on tumblr or via the page-a-mod post on livejournal!


There has been large amount of negativity in the fandom the last couple days in regards to Renner’s/Evan’s inappropriate remarks about the ONLY female lead in the MCU. In light of what has been happening, givemeunicorns has started #projectromanoff as a way to bring love and attention to our favorite super spy, Natasha Romanoff.

So tag your art! Your fic! Your photosets and gifs! Let’s see your metas and playlists and anything Natasha!centric that you can think of and tag it #projectromanoff.

Make sure to follow the blog to see everything all in one place!

Please help spread the word!

Banging The Pre-Order Drum Again


Quick bang of the drum for PRE-ORDERING YOUR COMICS. I’m going to get specific on the Big Two here, but it applies across the board.

If you shop through a physical retailer – i.e., if you don’t buy your comics through a digital service and read them through your tablet or whatever without interacting with a human vendor at all – it’s PRETTY VITAL that you let your retailer know what you’re buying early, so they’ve got a chance to take that into account when they make their orders.

With Secret Wars and Convergence coming up, and things getting a little crazy, retailers are going to have a harder time predicting what people are going to want – your information could really help them. So if you see the hype or solicits for something and think, “yeah, I quite fancy that, when it rolls around I’ll get it” – don’t wait! If it’s going to be a definite sale for someone, let that someone know early, so they can order a copy they know will sell. Don’t expect a copy to magically be there for you, because if a retailer’s underestimated the demand, it might not be. And then nobody’s happy.



I have a favor to ask of you artists in tumblrland. I’m having trouble finding coloring pages of the Black Widow that aren’t too sexualized for my 5 year old daughter. She just needs a few, simple pages of her favorite superhero to color. If anyone out there is willing to draw some for me, I would happily make you a hat, scarf, necklace, earrings, or bracelet for the fandom of your choosing in return for your services. It doesn’t have to be super detailed. Just like normal, kid coloring book style. Kind of cartoony is fine. She loves the Black Widow and she loves to color. I’m just having a hard time finding stuff that isn’t full of weird T&A poses and super-cleavage. Please help a mom out!