Because who doesn’t want this HBIC on their TV screens each week?



Not a Nielsen viewer? No problem! Watch (and re-watch) the show legally for free on ABC.Com, Hulu, etc. Hulu’s views won’t count if you’re not a Nielsen viewer, but ABC will. The show is currently trying to negotiate contracts to be shown in other countries, so let ABC you want it shown in the US so it will generate interest abroad.


Got social anxiety and hate talking to humans? NO PROBLEM! It’s all automated. All you need to do is leave a message and tell them how much you love the show and want it to stay on the air.

~Dial the number 818-460-7477 (within the USA, add +1 at the beginning if dialing via an international cell phone) to get the “Audience information department”
~Press 1 for “ABC television network”
~Press 2 for “leave comment”
~Press 2 for “prime time shows”
~Enter 243 for “Marvel’s Agent Carter”

Leave up to a 30 second email.


Send feedback to ABC at and let them know how much the show means to you and how much you want to continue to see it on the air.


Spread the word. Reblog this. Hashtag #AgentCarter on twitter. Tell friends about it. Tweet during the show, reblog on tumblr during the week. Do whatever you can to make your love of this show heard. Visit for more information on how you can help save our show. 


Your participation in this matters. Doing nothing will get this show cancelled for sure, but if you love it, then let your voice be heard! The chance might be small, but it’s definitely there. Help us get our girl back for season 2!

Black Widow Offensive


So as you all know, November 2 is the day for the Black Widow Offensive. (For those of you reading this right now as I post it, that’s tomorrow. For those of you seeing it reblogged on your dash, it may be tomorrow, or today, or sometime last month because you had a lot of things in your queue. I advise checking a calendar.) On this day, the goal is for as many of us as possible to post about our desire for a Black Widow Movie on Twitter, using the hashtag #BlackWidowMovie. If you’re unsure of what to tweet, I’ve put together a bunch of suggestions, along with some people to tweet to. But the most important thing is to be positive, be vocal, and show how much we all care.

Our goal is to have as many people do this as possible, and therefore to gain some attention. The best way to do this would be to have people all tweeting at the same time, with the same hashtag. For the purposes of trying to have something work in each time zone, the times we’ve chosen are:

Hopefully, even if you aren’t in the United States, at least one or two of these times won’t interrupt your sleep!

Our goal is manyfold. We want a lot of people to tweet this, we want a lot of people to SEE this, and we want the hashtag to trend. To that end, while retweets are great for boosting attention, it’s also very important to make your OWN tweets with this hashtag. Retweets don’t count for trending.

As incentive here, let me throw in giveaways:

  • Any like or reblog on this post will give you an entry to win something from me.
  • If this post gets over 1000 notes, I will give away an additional thing.
  • If #BlackWidowMovie trends on Twitter at all tomorrow, I will give away an additional thing.
  • If #BlackWidowMovie hits the number one trend on Twitter in the US or worldwide, I will give away another thing.

So that is potentially up to four giveaways from me! What am I giving away? AN EXCELLENT QUESTION. No matter what, I will be giving away a Black Widow Legends action figure. (Yes, I know it’s been hard to find in stores, and I am here to help you.) Beyond that, I have an extra copy of the Itsy Bitsy Spider trade, featuring Natasha and Yelena- which, as I’ve  mentioned before, is my ideal Black Widow movie storyline. I’ve also gathered a small pile of comics (including X-23 #20, Avengers #11, and Captain America and the Secret Avengers) that feature Natasha interacting positively with other female superheroes. And if we somehow magically hit all of these stretch goals, I might be persuaded to part with some awesomeness that I’ve been keeping for my own collection.

November 2. #BlackWidowMovie. Let’s do this.


(Ultra big thanks to Inori for the wonderful poster above!)

Widow Operatives, I think it’s time we mobilize.

Coming off of the high that is the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, in which we are teased with the sight of ballerinas, something that must be alluding to Natasha’s Red Room past, our want, our need, for a Black Widow movie has been invigorated. Now is the perfect time to shout from the rooftops to Marvel that we want a Black Widow movie.

Hill!mod and I have plans to go to the AOU premiere next year in LA and I want to take as much stuff as I can to show Marvel that this film is something we need, something we will gladly throw all of our money at. That being said, I want you guys to contribute anything and everything to this blog. Some of the things that would be fantastic to submit or post on your own blog with the tag #OpenTheLedger:

  • Fan art of Natasha
  • Fan made posters, trailer, scripts
  • Videos expressing your love for Natasha Romanoff/why you want or need a Black Widow movie
  • Text posts expressing your love for Natasha Romanoff/why you want or need a Black Widow movie
  • Text posts or videos saying what would love to see in a Black Widow movie
  • Your Black Widow cosplays

I will be compiling everything to not only send to Marvel headquarters but also to hopefully hand off to somebody at the AOU premiere (Yes, I mean everything. Every post will be printed and all the video submissions will be put on discs).

There are so many of us that our voices will be heard, we just need to start shouting a little louder. So spread this post like wildfire and let’s start showing Marvel that we will not accept their brush off comments about a Black Widow solo movie


So, I few weeks back I sent an e-mail to Marvel and asked them if they are planning to release Nathan Edmondson’s Black Widow in oversized HC editions, like they did with many other titles like Fraction’s Hawkeye and Waid’s Daredevil.

Here’s what I got today:

Dear Martin

We appreciate your feedback regarding Black Widow by Nathan Edmondson releasing in a TBP. We are constantly striving to improve the Marvel experience. It is reassuring to know that the artists and writers are keeping such a passionate fan base.

We will forward your comments to the proper people for consideration and response if we can.

We appreciate your loyalty to Marvel Entertainment. For more information on our characters and any upcoming news or events, please continue to visit

Best regards,
Marvel Support

So, the short answer is “we don’t have any plans at the moment”. Yet I still hope we might get those lovely oversized HC editions, if we want them bad enough and if we’re vocal enough about it.

And if you’re interested in something like that – please, please, please write to Marvel! I personally own the oversized HC editions of Waid’s Daredevil and it is a really wonderful format, everything looks really beautiful, the covers are amazing and everything is breathtaking. I really want that for Black Widow! And this series really deserves to be read like that!


hello! do you like jessica drew? do you like natasha romanoff? do you like the idea of them being besties and/or girlfriends?

well, welcome the start of this new blog! 😀 

it’s still in it’s lil baby stage though, so feel free to submit posts, headcanons, fics, etc! 


Comics 101: A “How To Read Comics” Guide by hoenn

Let me begin by saying that the title is probably misleading since there’s no wrong way to read comics except maybe by not reading them at all. Anyways, a few years ago, I was introduced to comics. I was fortunate — I had friends who were already immersed, who could answer questions if I had them. Since then, I’ve seen many people who wanted to read comics who ran into some barrier that prevented them from doing so. To address this, I thought I would make a guide to help these individuals navigate their journey in comics, a safe space of sorts. 

Disclaimer: I’m still very much a comics baby so I don’t know everything and my comics knowledge is by no means complete. I’m always learning, you’re always learning, it’s cool.

Let’s begin.

Read More

A Storm Is Brewing OM Event!


As you know issue #1 of Storm’s first ongoing series comes out July 23rd!  So we here at OM are throwing a celebration!  Starting on June 29th we will be holding our “A Storm Is Brewing” Event!  The event will run from June 29th through August 2nd.  It will be an event that not only celebrates Storm through out the ages, but every single incarnation of her.  Each week of the event will showcase a different Storm.

  • Week 1 (June 29th-July 5th)-Classic Storm.  This will include Storm’s introduction and “classic look”
  • Week 2 (July 6th-12th)-Punk Era Storm
  • Week 3 (July 13th-19th) 90’s-2000’s
  • Week 4 (July 20th-26th) Modern Storm (From 2010-2014)
  • Week 5 (July 27th-August 2nd) Alternate Storms/non 616 Storm.
  • Also every Saturday and Sunday will be a Free-For-All day.  More on that later.
  • Plus we have a few other surprise in store.

Storm not only means a lot to us here at OM, but to you also.  So we want you to take part!  What we’re asking is for you to submit.  It can be fan art (yours or another artist’s), photosets, gif sets, reading lists, you name it!  We want it all!  All that we ask is that you follow our submission guidelines.  If you are submitting fan art you must source it because the artist deserves credit for their work.

There are multiple ways you can submit.  You can submit your fanart/photoset/etc directly into our submissions, or you can place a link to it and we will reblog it directly from you.  You can also tag it with “A Storm Is Brewing” since we will be following that tag.  We also regularly check the Ororo Munroe tag so you can drop it there also.

Now even though each week has a theme we don’t want to place a bunch of limits on what you can submit.  So we’re going to have Free-For-All Days every Saturday and Sunday.  This is your chance to showcase items that you don’t feel fit each week’s theme. 

This #1 is a big deal for Storm and we want you to take part in this celebration.  If you have any questions about the event please feel free to drop a message in our ask.  Alright everyone have fun and happy creating and submitting!