Clint: They can’t keep being so damn reckless, Nat. If they do, everything we built—
Natasha: Everything you built.
Clint: Stop—
Natasha: No, listen to me, Barton— you keep carrying all this on your shoulders, and it’s gonna screw up your posture. You did it, okay? After Chicago, I thought this was over, but you found this spot, you brought us here. You make it work, and run, every day. Whatever hope these people have, however safe they feel, any normalcy they’re able to carve out— you did that, so maybe stop worrying about your issues with millenials, or water filtration systems, and take a second to let yourself feel good about it, yeah?
Clint: So— you’re saying all that stuff about saving lives—
Natasha: It’s a vaguely attractive quality in a man, sure. Idiot. Now— close your eyes.

So, this happened.

From Secret Empire #1 by Nick Spencer and Steve McNiven.

Marvel’s begun to tease the post-Infinity aftermath, Inhumanity, including announcing a new Fraction-written Inhumans ongoing. Black Widow and the Inhumans used to share a title!! But there’s more:

In the meantime, feast your eyes on this groovy exclusive image drawn by Steve McNiven, which shows some of the characters who will feature prominently in the post-”Inhumanity” status quo.

Characters include Nightcrawler, who is or is not dead, Angela, new-look Wolverine, various characters in movies or movierumors of some kind, and Natasha. With con/new book announcement season coming up and after teasing a new Black Widow project back in Februrary, I am beginning to get my hopes up.