Can you tell us about the Black Widow villain called the Wrangler?

Sure. I talked about her some in my old write-up of Natasha’s rogues gallery, but I can explain her again. The Wrangler, a.k.a. Laralie, first appeared in Marvel Fanfare #11, as part of a gang of six assassins sent to kill Black Widow. 

Laralie, the lovely young rodeo queen who has honed the western rope into the precision instrument of the assassin.

As you can see, they were all basically cultural or ethnic stereotypes done up as supervillains with George Perez designs. These guys were introduced for one big fight scene, where they spout exactly the kind of dialogue you would expect from a late Bronze Age comic.

Laralie: Whoa! Somebody gimme a hand with this heah varmint!

Natasha takes all of them on at once and wins, so they’re not treated as particularly big-deal threats even in the context of this one story. At the end of the story, their boss is revealed to be Damon Dran, a then-recurring foe who turned up in the last Black Widow series.

Laralie appeared later in Captain America as a member of the Femizon straw-feminist supervillain army. She was one of a dozen or so Z-list female villains who showed up in that arc, so she didn’t get a ton of development, there, either. But it did feature Steve Rogers trapped in a gender-changing tube as part of an evil plot to turn him into a woman!

Panels from Marvel Fanfare #11-12.